Triponza Fabrics supplies the designing and procurement industry with curtain linings, sheers and self lined fabrics. We also supply bed throws and suede fitted base covers.

Our two biggest clients are Netcare 911 and Sun International (of which Triponza is a "preferred supplier").

Triponza Fabrics has been in the industry since January 2004 under the directorship of Deirdre Momberg, who has been in the industry for the past twenty years.

Compact technical description of each item:

  1. Block out lining specifications: 100% polyester/knitted
    1. Blocks out sunlight by 100%
    2. 3 pass coating: Single layer acrylic foam with a sandwich layer being black.
    3. Thermal insulation the coated layers retain heat in winter and keeps out heat in summer.
    4. Sound insulation: the coated layers absorb sound thereby reducing it.

  2. Self lined fabrics which work well for hotels as your lining and fabric are one therefore eliminating extra costs for the make up and installation.
    1. The above product is produced exclusively for Triponza Fabrics in South Africa and has a three year guarantee that the coating will not peel of crack, as long as the correct care instructions are followed. This product can be obtained exclusively from Triponza Fabrics.

  3. Sheers are all imported and of the finest quality, with a large selection to choose from.

  4. Suede bed wraps are a simple practical product imported and contains elastine for a snug and tidy fit. This product is fast replacing the conventional "night frill"

  5. Bed throws are sourced from a local mill and come in a multitude of colours to choose from, and are made from a Chenille yarn.
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